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Australians Born In June

This month's Australian birthdays include first Australian to receive a Gold Record, multiple Bathurst 1000 winner, ARIA and Logie winners, and politicians. For those no longer with us, it's a way to remember them too. June's Australian birthdays include:

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Anytime Note Cards

Brighten up a simple message to someone you know with free note cards. Bickies 'n Lollies, Sunset Dreamin' and Delicate Orchids are just a few of over 90 Anytime Note Cards. Share a smile and say hello with our free Greeting Cards today.


Editor's Blogg

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Australian Olympic Medalists

Jacob asked, "why don't you have the Olympics on your website? " We do now Jacob. I just finished adding over 20 pages to our webiste on all the Australians who won medals at the Summer Olympics since 1896.

Australians have won at least one medal at every Summer Olympics since they started. The most medals won was 58 at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Ian Thorpe holds the Australian record for the most Olympic gold medals with 5 in Swimming. Eight women and three men have won the most Olympic medals for Australia. We will be posting the 2016 Olympic results as they happen in August.

Countdown to 2016 Summer Olympics


Childhood Memories

The Internet is great for doing research, but sometimes you can fall down the rabbit hole. This happened when by accident I came across Coles Funny Picture Book

I was surprised that what I remembered didn't always match what was in Cole's book. So if you'd like a trip back to your childhood or need some new material to share with your children, I've added several to our website. Enjoy!

Edward William Cole.wrote a great many books but was equally well known for his



More Note Cards

It's been a while since I made any new greeting cards. So I just added over 40 new ones to our Note Card section giving you over 90 cards for to enjoy. Always free, our note cards can be used to keep in touch with a friend or brighten up a message. And the postage is always free too.

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bookstore. Cole's Book Arcade was so famous that it was visited by writers such as Mark Twain and Rudyard Kipling during their Australian travels.

More Poetry Added

Camels is one of seven poems by Rex Ingamells I've added to our website. Ingamells is credited as the founder of the nationalist Jindyworobaks Movement which encouraged writers to portray Australian people and nature the way they truly are in Australia.

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