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Australians Born In August

This month's Australian birthdays include two very different authors. One was a famous doctor who wrote Nuclear Madness, and the other wrote the childhood favourite Mary Poppins. Yes, Mary Poppins was written by an Aussie. More Aussie birthdays this month include Australia's first nude male centrefold, plus musicians, actors, athletes and politicians. For those no longer with us, it's a way to remember them too.

  • 6 August 1961 Daryl Somers
    Australian TV host Hey Hey It's Saturday, Gold Logie 1983
  • 8 August 1935 John Laws
    Australian radio personality (nickname Golden Tonsils)
  • 29 August 1890 Richard Casey
    1st Australian Ambassador to USA, 1969 Australian of Year
  • 30 August 1985 Leisel Jones
    Australian swimmer, 3 gold in 2002 Commonwealth Games
  • and 4 Australian Prime Ministers

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 Thank You Cards

It's always nice to let someone know you appreciate what they did.  Our  Patriotic Ta card and the cute roo in Brief Thank You are a great way to tell them with Aussie style.

We also have Lorikeet Thank You and Blossom Thank You with flowers for a traditional message. Share a smile and say hello with our free Greeting Cards today.


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Special Dates and Events

I'm always being asked about special events in Australia. So I thought I would share with you some sources to find what you need. I just love sharing information.

Countdown to 2018
Commonwealth Games Gold Coast


Australian Olympic Medalists

All the Australians who won medals at the Summer Olympics since 1896. I will add the 2016 Rio Australian medalists too.

Free Apps for Your Phone

You can download to your smartphone or tablet free apps to Australian government resources.

Australian Police Child ID app helps people send info to police if there's a child abduction or disappearance. It might be the most important thing on your phone.



Other apps include Fires Near Me, National Public Toilet Map, ACCC Recalls, ACCC Shopper, Australia Post, Smartraveller, BlueBays (disability parking) and more.

More Australian Slang Added

Lots of requests for more Australian military slang, so I've added more and created a new ANZAC Slang section as well.

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