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Australians Born In May

This month's Australian birthdays include a gold medallist marathon winner, America's Cup skipper, and ARIA Hall of Fame member. For those no longer with us, it's a way to remember them too. May's Australian birthdays include:

  • 09 May 1980 Grant Hackett
    Australian swimmer, multiple gold medal winner.
  • 12 May 1960 Lisa Frances Martin
    Australian gold at 1986 and 1990 Commonwealth Games
  • 13 May 1988 Casey Donovan
    Singer, won Australian Idol 2004 at age 16.
  • 19 May 1861 Dame Nellie Melba
    Australian opera soprano, dame for charity work during WWI
  • 21 May 1930 Malcolm Fraser
    22nd Prime Minister of Australia (1975-83), Liberal Party

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I Am Here Cards

These cards are a great way to brighten up a simple message to someone you know. I am Here Australia and Mates Australia and USA are fun cards to share with your friends. Share a smile and say hello with our free Greeting Cards today.


Editor's Blogg

We Get Mail

Games broken ?

Karen R wanted to know, "what happened to your games? I'm a word search nut, but yours are not working any more."

You are in luck. I bought a program that will work on our website. So there are now 60+ new Word Search games I created to replace the old ones that quit working. I'm still researching new games for our website.

This is an example of how we use your donations on our website. For those that don't know, over the past 18 years, Max and I have written and built everything you see on this site. Not bad for two oldies, don't you think?!

2016 Logie Awards Winners Announced

The 2016 Logie Awards winners were been announced 8 May 2016 at the Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne. We have the 2016 winners and all the previous winners on our website.

Noni Hazle was inducted into the Logie Hall of Fame. Waleed Aly from the Project received a Gold Logie for Best Personality of Australian TV.

2016 was the first time original Australian content from streaming media (ie. Presto, Netflix, Stan) was included in nominations. No Activity became the first program premiering on a streaming service (Stan) to earn a nomination.



When is Lemonade not Lemonade ?

It depends on where you're drinking it. In Australia, lemonade normally refers to a clear, carbonated soft drink. In the USA, lemonade is a traditional homemade drink from squeezed lemons juice, water and sugar and never carbonated. Sometimes you'll find thin lemon slices floating in the lemonade. Closest thing Aussies have is a non-carbonated cordial.
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Nackered or Knackered ?

James emailed me that, "In the slang section nackered should be knackered. Don't want various foreigners to think we're illiterate!"

You're right James. The correct spelling is with the k ... knackered. I guess I was pretty knackered when I was working on our Australian Slang Section. If you're smiling, I got away with that excuse.

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