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Australians Born in February

This month's February Australian birthdays include a brilliant Aussie comedian known for "her" flamboyant personality and attire, an Australian suffragist and mother of a writing legend, a world-renown Australian soprano stricken with polio who undertook Sister Kenny's treatment, the man who encouraged us to care about our wildlife. Yes, you have to read the article to learn who they are. For those no longer with us, it's a way to remember them too. February Australian birthdays include:

  • 02 Feb 1958 Fiona Wood
    British-Australian, invented spray-on-skin for burn victims
  • 03 Feb 1920 Tony Gaze
    Australian decorated WWII flying ace, 488 combat missions
  • 05 Feb 1972 Crown Princess Mary
    Australian married to Crown Prince Frederik (14 May 2004)
  • 09 Feb 1897 Charles Kingsford-Smith
    Australian aviator, first non-stop crossing Australian mainland
  • 10 Feb 1944 Peter Allen
    Australian singer, songwriter (I Still Call Australia Home)
  • 12 Feb 1959 Sigrid Thornton
    Australian actress (Underbelly 3, Inspector Gadget 2)

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  Valentine's Day Cards

New this year is an Australian Bearded Dragon Valentine card. For the kids, I created Monster Valentine Cards. You can also send traditional cards like the Red, Red Rose card.

Love & Romance Cards
More cards in this area to send your Valentine such as Let's Do It Again, Flower Curves and Sunset Love

Celebrate Valentine's Day on 14 February. No matter which of our free Greeting Cards you choose, any time is a good time to say hello!


Editor's Blog

We Get Mail

Mad Eight

No, it's not what you're thinking. In 1923 eight gun shearers used hand shears to shear 18,000 sheep in a fortnight. It happened at Williambury Station in Western Australia. The men came from all over Australia to form a team travelling to service 11 shearing sheds across the northwest. Their feat is recorded at the Shearing Hall of Fame.

To answer many of the questions I get about the shearers, I've put together a list of Shearers' Slang. It's in our Australian Slang section. My favourite shearer slang is "Ducks in a pond." To find out the meaning, you'll have to visit the Shearers' Slang page. You'll also find on that

Did the Koala Win?

Yes, once again our Christmas Koala card with the candy cane beat our Aussie RooDeer card. When I totalled up the thousands of cards our readers sent, the Koala card was used five times as much as any other card.

We've had quite a few emails from people asking us to explain how our cards work and to please pass on some tips.

We're Different
Unlike other card sites, I create my cards with multiple versions. So on our website you will see sets of cards. That saves you time searching for a card you want to send. Of course, we have singles too.

Yes, I create all the cards on our website.



page the inductees into the Shearers Hall of Fame.

Shearers Song

I added a new shearers' song Language of the Shearer-Man to the other 20 Australian Songs About Shearers and Shepherds we have on our website. I hope you enjoy it.

Monument Australia

I received an email from Malcolm K. telling me about the Monument Australia website. It is a historical and educational research site helping to preserve the cultural history of Australia.

The website contains information on over 27,000 memorials and monuments across Australia commemorating people and historical events.

For example, in Conflict Theme section you'll find: Afghanistan, Boer, Colonial, Genocide, Gulf, Indigenous, Korea, Spain, Terrorism, Vietnam, WWI, WWII. They also have authors, events and more. Monument Australia is run by volunteers and privately funded.

RSN has a new website

Jason emailed me that Sport 927 in Victoria is now RSN Racing & Sport 927am. Their new website is RSN.net.au. I have updated our Australian Radio pages.

Read more from our blog

We do not use mass produced cards. Our fans tell us they like that we're different and that's why they use our cards. (It's always nice to get compliments.)

Need to send a card, but really don't know what to say? In most cards I've given you multiple choices for a message or poem. Just pick the one you want to add to the card.

Like our bunny card, but it's not Easter? You can use most of our cards for other things than what they're listed as. Simply select "none" for the Title and Text (poem). Then you can just use the picture.

Card Basics

  • Yes, all our cards are free. (We love free things too)
  • Yes, you can send as many as you want as often as you want. Don't wait for a holiday or birthday. Send one whenever you want to make someone smile.
  • Yes, you can write as much or as little as you want in the "Message" area of your card. The card will simply grow longer to hold your message.

I get asked all the time if you can send cards on a certain date in the future or send the same card to several people at one time. Sorry, no. That's on my very long wish list. There are lots of things Max and I would love to add to our website. Like most things it takes money for us to be able to do it.

We're SafeSurf Rated

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