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Our ADU Sponsor

Australian Bilby
Takes Over for the Rabbit

It may come as a surprise to some people, but rabbits are not native to Australia. Because of the damage they do, some states have banned owning a rabbit.

For over 10 years the Foundation for a Rabbit-Free Australia has campaigned to replace the Easter Bunny with the Easter Bilby (Greater Bilby - Macrotis Lagotis). It is an important reminder to Australians of the plight of our native wildlife. The Greater Bilby is on the endangered list living in the wild only in  the Northern Territory, Western Australia, and a small corner of south western Queensland.

We hope you'll visit the Easter Bilby website funded by Darrell Lea (makers of wonderful chocolates) and learn how you can support this endangered Australian animal.

We also have a Bilby greeting card you can use.

Easter Cards

Easter this year falls on Sunday, 20 April 2014. Wish a Happy Easter today with one of our unique cards.

You might like our Aussie Wombat Bunny cards. We have Aussie style Easter cards, traditional Easter cards and religious Easter cards as well.

Any time is a good time to say hello with our free Greeting Cards.


Editor's Blog

Daylight Savings

I'm running this article again, with updates, because I'm still getting emails about it.

One of the nicer complaints
Sheila N. wrote to us, "Please don't be offended, but I have to tell you what you really should know: The term is not "Daylight Savings." It is, all over the world, in every book, in every dictionary and encyclopaedia, called DAYLIGHT SAVING. We are saving daylight. There is no "s" at the end. Your use of 'Savings' makes us sound simply ignorant."

Answer .. again. Daylight Saving with and without the 's' at the end are both used. In fact so are Daylight Saving Time, Daylight Savings Time, Daylight-Saving and DST.


We Get Mail

New Store

Shawney T. wrote me, "What gives? I didn't know you have a store now. When did that happen? I'm in Seattle. Can I buy too or is that just for Australians?"

Yes, our online ADU Store is finally open. Yes, we ship to Australian and overseas addresses (USA, UK, Canada, and other countries).

Australian-made Cards
One of the products I've added (more coming) are Aussie-made cards greeting cards, birthday cards and note cards.



Common usage, as Wiki points out, is with the 's'. You'll find more searches in Google with the 's' than without. Our site stats show that as well.

Click here for Daylight Saving 2014

Update ... Websites using the 's'
I did a fresh search to see if anything had changed since the last time I wrote about Daylight Savings. Here are just a few of the Australian web pages I found that use the 's'. ... Oct 2013
QLD Talks About Daylight Savings Again

Brisbane Times ... Oct 2013
Sun sets on Daylight Savings Time in QLD ... Jan 2014
Wind back the clocks? Let the daylight savings debate begin. ... Jan 2013
Mayor Dyne against daylight savings push ... Mar 2014
Shift workers short-changed when daylight savings ends .. Sept 2013
Daylight savings and your baby's sleep routine

Still the absolute best use of savings is the government's ACT Standard Time and Summer Time Amendment Bill 2008.

To quote the bill's Outline ...
"On 12 June 2007, the ACT, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania formally agreed to harmonise daylight savings arrangements from April 2008. This delivers on a long held desire to bring daylight saving in line with most other States in Australia."

In the one paragraph they used BOTH savings and saving. Savings is used no less than 5 times on the page. So it is clearly not a typographical error.

I can go on, but I think I've made my point. Language is a living thing, always changing. So if you don't like the 's' in daylight savings, then don't use it. I, on the other hand, will throw caution to the wind and use it both ways on this website. How daring of me! (Joke Joyce).

The beautiful artwork on the cards is by Australian artist Lynn Naismith. In case you're wondering, yes they are also printed in Australia.

We have Australian Pelicans, King Parrots, Major Mitchell's Cockatoo, Rainbow Lorikeets, Crimson Rosellas, Waratah, Gum Blossoms and more coming.

Part of the card's price is being donated to the Australian Koala Foundation to help protect the koala and its habitat.

Lego-Compatible Kits
While these kits are not Australian made, they do offer excellent value for the money. And more importantly, they help pay the bills to keep this website free for everyone to use.

Max and I hope you will support our new store.

Mystery song

Bill B wrote me asking for help, "Stealaway at the Argyle Tavern in 1986 had a song called I'm Australia. Any information on it? I loaned my cassette out and never got it back. I believe one of the Cooey Brothers was in the group."

"It went something like: I'm Australia, I'm Australia, there's more to me than what you think you see."

If you know what this song is and the name of the band, email me and I will let Bill know.

Survey update

I often get suggestions for improvements and additions to our website. It keeps me pretty busy trying to implement what I can.

For example Sue wrote me a while ago, "I'm often on your website and enjoy very much my stay here and the improvements you make from time to time :-) As am Aussie and living in Adelaide I would wish your Survey would asked also 'are you living here' as I don't like to be seen as visitor :( Keep up your good work and all the best .... and when I can spare some cent of my pension I'll send you a small amount :-)"
(Thanks! Sue ..ed.)

On my very, very long To Do List, I finally worked my way down to Sue's request and updated our Survey. I hope you will take our Survey when you get a chance. It helps Max and I know what you like, why you visit our site and how we can improve it.

Read more from the Editor's Blog . . .

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