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Australians Born in December

December Australian birthdays include the first Australian-born astronaut to go into space, Australia's most successful female professional golfer. December Australian birthdays include:

  • 03 Dec 1884 Lillian May Armfield
    Australian policewoman portrayed in Underbelly on TV
  • 04 Dec 1934 Bill Collins
    Australian film critic and in the Logie Hall of Fame
  • 09 Dec 1929 Robert J L Hawke
    23rd Prime Minister of Australia (1983-91)
  • 14 Dec 1964 Rebecca Gibney
    Australian actress (Packed to the Rafters, Stingers)
  • 17 Dec 1937 Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer
    Australian businessman, media tycoon

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Australian Christmas Cards

For over 7 years our most popular is sweet Christmas Koala card. Try our Nutcracker cards or our Crocodile Christmas cards. Traditional and religious cards too.

Share our free Greeting Cards today!


Editor's Blog

We Get Mail

Christmas in Australia

Helmut wrote to us asking "does Santa Claus really wear shorts in Australia ?"

While people living in the northern hemisphere, like the Americans, Brits, French and Germans are rugging up to keep warm, we are in our shorts trying to stay cool. Living in the southern hemisphere, Christmas occurs during our summertime.

Lots of cities hold a Carols by Candlelight event. The Carols in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne are broadcast on TV across Australia so everyone can enjoy seeing famous Aussie singers entertaining with traditional carols.

Countdown to
Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race 2016


Cooking Conversions

Natalie wrote me, "I have found your website most helpful and I just want to give you a 'big thumbs up' to say thank you."

Oven Temperatures

Now to Natalie's question, "I have a gas oven that has numbers going from 1-8 for the temperature. Would you be able to add those numbers into your conversion chart please. I only know one setting and that is number 4 equals about 180 degrees which is a moderate oven."



Aside from the presents, Aussie kids look forward to this time of year because they get a six week holiday from school. Family and friends enjoying swimming in their pools or at our beautiful Australian beaches. Because it's summer, there is no snow here now.

Speaking of Santa, Aussie children look forward to Santa arriving in his sleigh pulled by six white boomers. That's right, boomers, not raindeer.

Never heard of boomers?

They are white kangaroos of course.

Thanks to Rolf Harris, we even have a song about Australia's famous Six White Boomers.

Why are there only six boomers?

Our boomers are stronger than reindeer so Santa only needs six of them to pull his sleigh. It's quite sight to see!

I did some research and updated our oven temperature chart with the gas numbering too.

Cooking Measurements

"I've been trying to find exact conversion rates between US and AU tablespoon measurements as I've been doing a lot of cooking from an American cook book."

"I haven't had much success as my tbsp. measurement is 25 mls. Now I've found out the US is less and my tbsp is more ... 2 teaspoons more!!! In some recipes that difference can make the difference!!! Thanks again for this insight."

Yes, Natalie, as you discovered the teaspoon, tablespoon, and other cooking measurements can be really different when a receipe is from a different country.

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