Apr 072020

Nine Miles From Gundagai

Folk music and folk songs take special pride, representing each and every countries culture, tradition, and heritage. The traditional music is well-known for its story telling regardless of musicality and instrumentation. Australian folk music and…Continue Reading

Apr 072020

Six White Boomers

Have a look at the song, most popular in many ways like song lyrics, tune, meaning, etc.!! Also in no way the song gained negative talk even from critics because it was written by Aussie…Continue Reading

Apr 062020

Famous Australian May Birthdays

Birthdays are so special in each and every one’s life! Many of us await for our birthday all year to add a few more memories and make it stand so special in our lifetime. It…Continue Reading

Apr 062020

Comparing the Size of Countries

Earth or Globe or Map!! Whatever the topic you choose, it is always interesting and something mysterious which creates extra enthusiasm in our hearts to learn more and more about out geographical dimensions of earth.…Continue Reading

Apr 032020

The Goondiwindi Grey

The Goondiwindi Grey is the famous Australian song that has gained millions of fans around the world. The beautiful and catchy lyrics were written by Nev Hauritz and the amazing music was given by Brian…Continue Reading

Apr 012020

Red-back on the Toilet Seat

Red-back on the Toilet Seat is a classic Australian country song written by Ralph Ernest ‘Slim’ Newton. The song encompasses four tracks and all the tracks were first written, sung, and performed by Slim Newton.…Continue Reading

Apr 012020

The Drover’s Wife

One fine day, I came across to witness the great portrait of Henry Lawson at the New South Wales Gallery. The portrait held a description box, in which there is a brief mention of the…Continue Reading

Mar 292020

Religions in Australia

Australia is the largest country in Oceania and it holds sixth position in the world  as per the area is concerned  with a rich and diversified control on Religion  .In Australia there is no specific…Continue Reading

Mar 272020

Mount Panorama Bathurst 1000 Race Winners

Bathurst 1000, commonly observed as the pinnacle of Australian motorsport or crown jewel of Australian motorsport. This is one of the thrilling and exciting race from Australia. I hope you all are equally excited to…Continue Reading

Mar 242020

Famous Australian December Birthdays

Celebrities or Famous personalities or Pillars of Society, whatever the names we refer to depending on their respective fields they belong to, it is so common for the common people to admire those favourite super…Continue Reading