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Australia at 1956 Melbourne Summer Olympic Games

Australia was the host nation for the 1956 Melbourne Summer Olympics. 294 athletes (250 men and 44 women) competed for Australia in 140 events in 18 Olympic sports. Australian athletes have competed in all of the Summer Olympic Games since they started.

Australia won 35 medals, 20 of them in Swimming. In Athletics Betty Cuthbert won 3 gold and Shirley Strickland won 2 gold medals. In Swimming Murray Rose won 3 gold and Jon Henricks won 2 gold. Dawn Fraser and Lorraine Crapp each won 2 gold 1 silver medals in Swimming.

Host 1st 2nd 3rd Dates
XVI 1956 Australia Melbourne 13 8 14 22 Nov 9 Dec

The following records are Australians who won gold, silver or bronze medals at the 1956 Olympic Games.

Australia at Olympics
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Equestrian events were held in Stockholm, Sweden due to Australian quarantine.

Sandra Morgan was the youngest athlete for Australia (14 years 182 days) and Noel Hall oldest (43 years 9 days). Melbourne Summer Games had 3,189 participants (2,818 men, 371 women) from 67 nations.


1956 Melbourne Australia

  Sport Event Competitors
1st Athletics Women's 80m hurdles Shirley Strickland
1st Athletics Women's 100m Betty Cuthbert
1st Athletics Women's 200m Betty Cuthbert
1st Athletics Women's 4x100m relay Norma Croker, Betty Cuthbert, Fleur Wenham, Shirley Strickland
1st Cycling Men's 2000m tandem Joey Browne, Anthony Marchant
1st Swimming Women's 100m freestyle Dawn Fraser
1st Swimming Women's 400m freestyle Lorraine Crapp
1st Swimming Women's 4x100m freestyle relay Lorraine Crapp, Dawn Fraser,  Sandra Morgan, Faith Leech
1st Swimming Men's 100m freestyle Jon Henricks
1st Swimming Men's 400m freestyle Murray Rose
1st Swimming Men's 1500m freestyle Murray Rose
1st Swimming Men's 100m backstroke David Theile
1st Swimming Men's 4x200m freestyle relay John Devitt, Jon Henricks, Kevin O'Halloran, Murray Rose
2nd Athletics Men's high jump Chilla Porter
2nd Athletics Men's 4x400m relay Graham Gipson, Kevan Gosper, Leon Gregory,  David Lean
2nd Rowing Men's single sculls Stuart MacKenzie
2nd Sailing Men's sharpie 12m John Scott, Roland Tasker
2nd Swimming Women's 100m freestyle Lorraine Crapp
2nd Swimming Women's 400m freestyle Dawn Fraser
2nd Swimming Men's 100m freestyle John Devitt
2nd Swimming Men's 100m backstroke John Monckton
3rd Athletics Women's 80m hurdles Norma Thrower
3rd Athletics Women's 100m Marlene Mathews
3rd Athletics Women's 200m Marlene Mathews
3rd Athletics Men's 100m Hector Hogan
3rd Athletics Men's 1500m John Landy
3rd Athletics Men's 10,000m Allan Lawrence
3rd Boxing Men's welterweight Kevin Hogarth
3rd Canoeing Men's K2 10,000m kayak pairs Walter Brown, Dennis Green
3rd Cycling Men's 1000m sprint (scratch) Dick Ploog
3rd Rowing Men's double sculls Murray Riley, Mervyn Wood
3rd Rowing Men's eights Michael Aikman, Bryan Doyle, Angus Benfield, David Boykett, Harold Hewitt, James Howden, Walter Howell, Garth Manton, Adrian Monger
3rd Sailing Men's 5.5m class Douglas Buxton, Devereaux Mytton, Jock Sturrock
3rd Swimming Women's 100m freestyle Faith Leech
3rd Swimming Men's 100m freestyle Gary Chapman
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