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In this section you'll find information on a variety of subjects from general facts about Australia to thousands of Australian links. Please note that all links to other websites come up in a new window. When you're done there, simply close that window and you'll find us waiting for you.

All our outside links are only to Australian websites. While we know there are other good websites out there, our goal is to let you know about the Aussie ones. We may be only 20 million Aussies, but we're hard to ignore. Fair dinkum!

Australian Websites

See all the Australian Website Links

Australian Entertainment Links

Radio stations, newspapers, music, movies, TV, country music, museums.

Australian Handy Links

Beer, railways, weather, aviation, cars and clubs, genealogy, astronomy, politics, finance & taxes, writers' resources and more.

Australian Sports Links

Horse racing, fishing, athletes with a disability, sky diving, ballooning, golf, hang gliding, AFL, NRL, scuba diving, surfing, netball, cricket

Australian Education Links

Schools, universities, government education

Australians Overseas Links

Help while overseas, voting, passports, medical overseas, Australian embassies

Australian Government Links

Emergency services, military, tourist travel, embassies & consulates, Registrars of Birth, Deaths & Marriages

Australian Medical Links

Medical services & organisations, nursing services, nursing employment, government medical services, rural health, research, etc.

Australian Facts

See all the Australian Information

Australian Time

Daylight Savings dates, time zones and GMT, help for Americans.

Australian Weather

Live weather cast for over 60 Aussie cities

Australian Holidays  updated

State and Territory Holiday Calendars
Public Holidays –
    Australia Day, Boxing Day,
    ANZAC Day, Labour Day,
    Queen's Birthday

Australian School Term Dates

School term dates for Australian states and territories for different years.

Helpful Conversions

Aussie food equivalents chart, size chart, length, weight, temperature, Morse Code converters, etc

Australian Facts & Figures

Symbols of Australia, flags, highest and biggest, driving distance, deserts, rainfall & temperature, religions, population, etc.

Sports - Commonwealth Games

Aussies have competed in all Commonwealth Games. Over 60 pages of information.

Australian Real Estate

Australian toilets & bathrooms, real estate terms, house measurements, moving tips, etc.

Australian Government

Australian Constitution, military ranks, Prime Ministers, Governors-General, etc.

Australian Overview

Summary of our country's government, economy, geography, transportation, communications, population, military, etc.

Maps of Australia
State and territory maps showing the main cities


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