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Peter West


Peter was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1945, which was a poor year for wine but a great year for humourists (or humorists as our American friends insist on spelling the word).

His school years were undistinguished, apart from the day he blew up the science laboratory while trying to develop a rocket fuel he intended using to set a land speed record on his bicycle.

Peter left school at the age of fourteen and tried a variety of occupations, ranging from crocodile shooting to an assistant makeup artist in a morgue. He failed to shoot a single crocodile and was caught playing noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe to Americans) on the buttocks of a body, neither situation doing anything to enhance his prospects in both cases.

In 1972, Peter joined a stunt school run by a lunatic Irishman. After surviving two years of "showground" stunts he broke into the film business and since then has worked on more than two hundred films and television series.

He has written three movies: Dangerous Game, Strike of the Panther and Day of the Panther. He is also a member of the NETWITS, an American group of elite humour writers based at Martha's Vineyard.

Peter recently published You'll Never Work in This Town Again!, a hilarious collection of stories and anecdotes about life in the movies. The book sells direct from his web site and is rapidly becoming his most popular work, with rave reviews world wide.

Peter and his wife Cathy, live in a beautiful rural setting high in the hills above Perth, where he is working on his second book.

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