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Tony Forsyth


A resident of Brisbane, Australia, Tony Forsyth has been interested in the supernatural beauty of minerals and crystals since his childhood. Brilliant colours and razor-sharp crystal faces emerge as they are dug from the ground, making them already a gem of sparkling beauty without ever seeing the hand of man. Tony uses his photographs to capture this natural beauty of Australian minerals and crystals.

Tony has also been a member of the Mineralogical Society of Queensland for many years, and is the author of 'The Australian Mineral Collector' website This site has developed over a number of years to educate and inform both Australian and international viewers about Australian minerals and topical mineral news. The site has a picture gallery and lists Australia-wide contacts for those wishing to further their interest in the hobby.

The Mineralogical Society of Queensland Inc.
This Society is one of a number of Australian state mineralogical societies whose members are dedicated to mineral collecting as a pastime. Its members are all fellow enthusiasts and the societies memberships number some hundreds across Australia. They collect minerals on field trips to old mine sites, quarries and escarpments or by buying and swapping with fellow collectors. Amongst their aims is educating the public about the rare beauty and fabulous crystal shapes that minerals may crystallise in. Amongst their many achievements, they hold gem and mineral shows, produce museum displays and author the Joint Mineralogical Societies web site, 'The Australian Mineral Collector'. The societies also author a high quality publication, the 'Journal of Australian Mineralogy' which is published twice yearly.

Mineralogical Society of Queensland Inc
     PO Box 20
     Albert Street Brisbane
     Queensland 4002 Australia
The Australian Journal of Mineralogy
     c/o Department of Mineralogy
     Museum of Victoria
     PO Box 666E Melbourne
     Victoria 3001, Australia

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