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Michael Fewings


I was born in Western Australia and had a passion for lightning and severe weather from when I was very young (age 4 years so I'm told).

In 1991 I travelled up to the North of Western Australia and decided to photograph lightning. Part of this was to help my friends understand the reason for chasing storms, what it was that I was after and what I could come up with (a product always helps to explain a point).

I started with no idea at all about photography. To get a good lightning strike turned out harder than one could tell. I already knew how storms worked and where the lightning was likely to strike in a storm. But the rain, wind and general misgivings of this kind of weather made it hard to get a clear, unmistakable lightning strike.

I also found that photographing lightning made it slightly more dangerous. To get a photo you needed some vantage point. It is well known that vantage points get struck by lightning more often than lounge rooms or backyards. So safety became closely involved with my photography.

When I chase I need to be sure if its a good storm. All natural phenomena photographers will tell you of the chase that went nowhere. I have had this many times.

As a lightning photographer, nothing hurts more than not being able to chase. Work, important engagements and exams all seems to arrive the same time that a perfect storm does. But it is all worth it when you get a film processed and there it is. The lightning strike you were sure you had, but at the same time, not sure.

I have had some nice publicity within Australia. I have appeared in our state paper, The West Australian, with a whole page article and also been published in an Australasian magazine, Aussie Post, on page 1 and 2. In both of these articles I outlined the reason for my photography, safety and tips on photographing lightning.

I chose Strike One for the name of my website because in all my photo's, I aim to take a photo of only one lightning strike. It may seem in some of my photo's you see, that I have taken two or more lightning strikes, but these are commonly linked together in the cloud.

I believe that capturing only one lightning strike is harder artistically as it is something that everyone has seen. But in nature, a single strike of lightning exists for a fraction of a second and then there is never an exact repeat.

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