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About the Artist

Karola Kanold


Karola Kanold was born in Solingen, Germany in 1954 and studied fine art in Bremen, Germany. In 1980 she achieved her Diploma as a designer. During the next few years Karola had small exhibitions of her paintings at The Verdener Museum and the Worpswede Art Gallery in Germany. During a visit in 1987, Karola fell in love with Australia. She returned the following year to live there permanently. Karola has lived on the Sheepyard Opal fields near Lightning Ridge, New South Wales for the last 9 years.

In 1996 Karola met the famous emu egg carver Fay Green of Walgett. She learned the technique of egg carving from her. Since then Karola has developed her own distinctive style of carving and has won prizes at western New South Wales art shows and agricultural shows.

Carving the Eggs
The eggs are carved by hand with mainly just a worn out sheep shearing blade. No grinders, or other tools are used. The eggs do not have any paint or artificial colour added to them. Each design is created by slowly and carefully scraping away the layers of natural colour that are found under the hard outer layer of the emu egg. It takes about one week to carve a typical egg. The Long Pull egg seen in her ecard series took a month to carve due to its complex design.

Share the Art
You can see Karola's beautiful artwork and share it with friends by sending a unique ecard exclusively available at


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