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Emu Egg Art Cards


Karola Kanold, Australian artist

Karola's distinctive style of carving and has won prizes at New South Wales art shows and agricultural shows. Amazingly she carves the emu eggs by hand with mainly just a worn out sheep shearing blade. No grinders, or other tools are used.

The eggs do not have any paint or artificial colour added to them. Each design is created by slowly and carefully scraping away the layers of natural colour that are found under the hard outer layer of the Emu Egg.

We invite you to share her cards with your friends. More about Karola Kanold.

Emu Egg Art Cards

Set of 12

Gecko on the Log
Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Tiger
Wings on the Wind
Once a Jolly Swagman
Black Tailed Cockatoo
Opal at Last
The Black Swan
The Age of Steam
A Funny Old Bird
Outlaw Ned Kelly
The Long Pull



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