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Halloween is a holiday celebrated on 31 October every year in the
United States, Canada, England, Australia, South America and other countries.

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Halloween of course may mean
Things very weird and ghost-like
I wish it meant an evening spent
with you - is what I'd most like
When Halloween night has come
And the moon is sailing high
Think of me my true love
And the witch will pass you by
On this weird night of magic
May nothing send you harm
Good spirits weave a spell true 
To bring good luck to you
I made this card for you
Hoping it will please you
And scare away the goblins
Should they try to tease you
Hear a noise on Halloween?
Don't stop and look behind you
Because a lot of awful things
Would be very glad to find you
Smoke from a Halloween lantern
Has magic power they say
To seek out all your troubles
And frighten them away
The old witch is busy
Stirring her brew
And unless you watch out
She'll stir you in too!
As the candle in the pumpkin
sheds its flickering light
Witches make their magic spells
For Halloween tricks tonight

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