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Trains and Railways

The Australian railway network consists of a total of 33,819 km of track (and growing). 2,540 km of track is electrified. Aussies have always been fascinated with trains from the steam locomotives to diesel to the electric trains.

New South Wales

  1. Australian Railway Historical Society - NSW
  2. Cooma Monaro Railway
  3. Glenreagh Mountain Railway Inc
  4. Hornsby Model Engineers
  5. Paul Turtle's Railway Page
  6. Rail Motor Society
  7. Sydney Electric Train Society
  8. Tourist Railway Association Kurrajong
  9. 3801 Limited


  1. Australian Railway Historical Society - VIC
  2. Victorian Goldfields Railway

South Australia

  1. Eyre Peninsula Railways
  2. Mepham Station
  3. SteamRanger
  4. Terowie SA


  1. Australian Railway Historical Society
  2. TasRail
  3. Tas Steam Alive video
  4. Brindabella Railway Grafx
  5. Bill McCann's ABT Railway pages
  6. ABT Railway Society
  7. Redwater Creek Steam Railway
  8. Glenrose Rail Modelers
  9. Metro Tasmania


  1. Technical Information About Trains
  2. John Hurst Railway Photographs
  3. Light Railway Research Society of Australia
  4. RailPage
  5. Chris' Commonwealth Railways
  6. Australian Transport Safety Bureau

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