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Help and Complaints

Australia has a variety of organisations and government services to help you.

For example, the Financial Ombudsman Service comprises: the Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman, the Financial Industry Complaints Service, and the Insurance Ombudsman Service.

The Ombudsman provides independent dispute resolution services for up to 80 per cent of Australian banking, insurance and investment disputes under one roof.

If you are unable to resolve the problem, the Financial Ombudsman Service provides accessible and independent dispute resolution services as an alternative to taking your dispute to court. The service is free to consumers.

Other Helpful Websites

  1. Blind Citizens Australia
  2. Deafness Forum of Australia
  3. Better Hearing Australia Inc
  4. Farm Safe Australia
  5. National Assoc for Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect
  6. Australian Federation of Disabilities Organisations
  7. Insurance Enquiries & Complaints Scheme
  8. Consumers' Health Forum of Australia
  9. Australian Copyright Council
  10. Communications Alliance
  11. Customer Service Institute of Australia
  12. Financial Industry Complaints Service
  13. How Safe is Your Car
  14. Internet Industry Association (IIA)
  15. Communications Law Centre
  16. Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF)
  17. Service Providers Industry Association (SPAN)
  18. Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA)
  19. Telephone Information Services Standards Council
  20. Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG)
  21. Consumers' Telecommunications Network (CTN)
  22. Small Enterprise Telecommunications Centre (SETEL)

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