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Australians Born in January

January's Australian birthdays include the Aussie aviator who received the Distinguished Flying Cross from US President Hoover in 1932 and offered US citizenship but turned it down. It's a way to remember those no loner with us too. They include:

  • 05 Jan 1903 Harold Charles Gatty
    Australian inventor, aviator, navigator,
  • 07 Jan 1895 Wilmot Hudson Fysh
    Australian aviator, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross
  • 13 Jan 1911 Joh Bejlke-Petersen
    Australian politician, longest-serving Premier of Queensland
  • 15 Jan 1842 Mary Helen MacKillop
    Only Australian recognized by the Catholic Church as a saint
  • and two Australian Prime Ministers

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Australian Thank You Cards

Let people know you like their gift or something they did. Say it with our  kangaroo in a Brief Thank You or a Patriotic Ta card. Or try our Lorikeet Thank You and Blossom Thank You for a traditional message.

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Australian Of The Year 2017

The announcement of the 2017 Australian of the Year Awards will be held on the lawns outside Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday 25 January 2017.

Since 1960 the Australian of the Year Award recognises people who inspire us through their achievements to be better, do better. They challenge us to contribute in our own way to making Australia and the world a better place.

National Finalists for 2017

  • New South Wales - Deng Adut
    Child soldier turned successful Lawyer
  • Victoria - Paris Aristotle AM
    Refugee, torture and trauma rehabilitation advocate

Countdown to
Golden Guitar Awards 2017


2017 Country Music Awards
and Tamworth Country Festival

The Tamworth Country Music Festival runs from the 15th to the 28th of January 2017. Largest music festival in the southern hemisphere, it's in the top 10 in the world.

There are over 2,800 events and 700 artists performing in the 120 venues that make up the 2017 Festival. List of hotels, venues and more including email addresses, phone numbers and location are available at the Toyota Country Music Festival website


  • Queensland - Prof. Alan Mackay-Sim
    Biomedical scientist treating spinal cord injuries
  • Western Australia - Andrew Forrest
    Businessman, philanthropist and anti-slavery advocate
  • South Australia - Kate Swaffer
    Author and advocate for living beyond dementia
  • Tasmania - Rosalie Martin
    Speech pathologist working to rehabilitate people in the Justice System
  • ACT - Alan Tongue
    NRL champion turned youth mentor and educator
  • Northern Territory - Andrea Mason
    Indigenous leader and business woman of the year (2016)

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   Australian of the Year Awards

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Golden Guitars

The 2017 Country Music Awards Ceremony is part of the Festival. The 45th Golden Guitar Awards will take place on 28 January 2017 at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Convention Centre.
  Over 40 years of Golden Guitar winners.

Monument Australia

Monument Australia is a historical and educational research website helping to preserve the cultural history of Australia.

The website contains information on over 27,000 memorials and monuments across Australia commemorating people and historical events.

For example, in Conflict Theme section you'll find: Afghanistan, Boer, Colonial, Genocide, Gulf, Indigenous, Korea, Spain, Terrorism, Vietnam, WWI, WWII. They also have authors, events and more. Monument Australia is run by volunteers and privately funded.

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making our life special


Australian Ugg Boots

Funny, we thought only an Aussie could love our Ugg boots. Now that some celebrities have turned our ugly boots into a fashion statement, they've become a hit around the world.

Ugly? Well, yes, that's why we call them Ugg boots ... short for ugly. Fair dinkum.

The boot was originally created for warmth and comfort. It's basically a sheepskin turned inside out and made into a boot. Most people wear them barefoot. Ugg boots are like your favourite pair of sneakers. They may be old and grungy, but you can't bear to throw them out. Some people are so fond of their boots that they wear them until they fall apart.

However, today this Aussie icon is in danger of becoming lost.

What's All the Fuss About?

An Australian surfer, Brian Smith, started a small Australian footwear company called Ugg Holdings in California in the 1970s and trademarked the term Ugg, as well as variations such as ug, ugh and so on. Those USA trademarks are what all the fuss is about.

In 1995 Deckers Outdoor bought Ugg Holdings and now own the Ugg trademarks and believe that anyone selling boots and calling them Ugg are in trademark violation.

That's News to the Aussies.

Aussies have been making and selling Ugg boots since at least the 1950s and some say as early as World War I.

So why didn't anyone trademark the name? Why would we? No one trademarked the name sneakers. In Australia Ugg is the same thing. A generic term for your basic very ugly boot.

Very Big Bickies!

No one much cared until the Ugg boot craze hit America. Prices soared and it was a fashion must-have. Our lowly Ugg boot is now selling overseas for well over US$ 300 a pair. Deckers Outdoor estimates they sold over 45 million US dollars worth in 1994. And they have plans to expand the market into Ugg handbags and other leather items. Very big bickies indeed!

That's why Deckers Outdoor is fighting to prevent Aussies and others from selling Ugg boots anywhere especially on the Internet. So far they're winning.

We'd hate to see another Aussie icon lost.

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