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Melbourne Cup Winners

The Melbourne Cup is Australia's richest horse racing event with prize money of more than A$6 million. Almost everyone in Australia places a bet on the Melbourne Cup with betting running into several millions of dollars.

120th  1980 3:19.8 Beldale Ball h J. Letts C.S. Hayes Swetterham Stud Sy
119th  1979 3:21.8 Hyperno g H. White Bart Cummings Mr & Mrs T North
118th  1978 3:24.3 Arwon g H. White George Hanlon Doon Bros Syndic.
117th  1977 3:18.4 Gold & Black g J. Duggan Bart Cummings Mr & Mrs J. Harris
116th  1976 3:34.1 Van Der Hum g R. Skelton L. H. Robinson L & R Robinson
115th  1975 3:29.6 Think Big g H. White Bart Cummings Dato Tan Chin Nam
114th  1974 3:23.2 Think Big g H. White Bart Cummings Dato Tan Chin Nam
113th  1973 3:19.5 Gala Supreme g F. Reys R.J. Hutchins J.P. Curtain
112th  1972 3:19.3 Piping Lane g J. Letts George Hanlon R.W. Trinder
111th  1971 3:19.5 Silver Knight h R. Marsh E. Temperton Sir W. Norwood
110th  1970 3:19.7 Baghdad Note g E. Didham R. Heasley E.C.S. Falconer
109th  1969 3:21.5 Rain Lover h J. Johnson M.L. Robins Clifford A Reid
108th  1968 3:19.1 Rain Lover h J. Johnson M.L. Robins Clifford A Reid
107th  1967 3:20.4 Red Handed g R. Higgins Bart Cummings F.W. Clarke, et al
106th  1966 3:21.9 Galilee g J. Miller Bart Cummings Mr & Mrs M Bailey
105th  1965 3:21.1 Light Fingers m R. Higgins Bart Cummings W.J. Broderick
104th  1964 3:19.6 Polo Prince g R. Taylor J.P. Carter Mr & Mrs L Davis
103rd  1963 3:21.1 Gatum Gatum g J. Johnson H.G. Heagney M.P. Reid
102nd  1962 3:21.4 Even Stevens h L. Coles A. McGregor James Wattie
101st  1961 3:19.5 Lord Fury h R. Selkrig F.B. Lewis Mr & Mrs N Cohen
100th  1960 3:23.7 Hi Jinx m W. A. Smith T.H. Knowles Knowles & Sly
99th  1959 3:23.0 MacDougal g P. Glennon R. W. Roden R.N. & H Brown
98th  1958 3:21.2 Baystone g M. Schumacher J. Green R.A. & N Burns
97th  1957 3:24.5 Straight Draw g N. McGrowdie J. M. Mitchell E. Norton
96th  1956 3:19.5 Evening Peal m G. Podmore E. D. Lawson Mr & Mrs White
95th  1955 3:28.2 Toparoa g N. Sellwood T. J. Smith N.H. McDonald
94th  1954 3:23.0 Rising Fast g J. Purtell I. Tucker L.R. Spring
93rd  1953 3:23.7 Wodalla h J. Purtell R. Sinclair Ted Underwood
92nd  1952 3:23.7 Dalray h W. Williamson C. McCarthy C. Neville
91st  1951 3:24.2 Delta h N. Sellwood M. McCarten Adolph Basser
90th  1950 3:19.5 Comic Court h P. Glennon J. M. Cummings R, J & A Lee
89th  1949 3:28.5 Foxzami h W. Fellows D. Lewis L.G. Robinson
88th  1948 3:21.0 Rimfire g R. Neville S. Boyden H.G. Raymond
87th  1947 3:28.0 Hiraji g J. Purtell J. McCurley Fred W. Hughes
86th  1946 3:21.2 Russia h D. Munro E. Hush Leeds & Hush
85th  1945 3:24.2 Rainbird m W. Cook S. Evans Clifford A. Reid
84th  1944 3:24.5 Sirius h D. Munro E. Fisher R. Turnbull
83rd  1943 3:23.2 Dark Felt h V. Hartney R. Webster J.A. Cain
82nd  1942 3:33.5 Colonus h H. McCloud N. Manning L.O. Merick
81st  1941 3:23.7 Skipton c W. Cook J. Fryer J.J. Kitson


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