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Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Winners 1980 to 1989

The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in December is an icon of Australia’s summer sport. The course covers a distance of 628 nautical miles from Sydney Harbour to the East coast of Australia, Bass Strait, the Tasmanian east coast, Storm Bay, Derwent River and finally Battery Point in Hobart, Tasmania.

Line Honours goes to the first yacht to cross the finishing line. The Overall Winner is determined by each yacht's finish time adjusted by several factors. As a result, the fastest boat is often not the Overall Winner.

Overall Winner = ow     Line Honour = lh
Time is shown as   DD:HH:MM:SS     Days:Hours:Minutes (and Seconds where available)

45th Race — 1989 — 126 starting fleet size
3:02:18:45 ow
3:06:21 lh
Ultimate Challenge
Lou Abrahams, VIC
Alan Bond, WA
Ed Dubois, England
David Pedrick, USA
44th Race — 1988 — 119 starting fleet size
3:18:20:35 ow
3:15:29 lh
Gino Knezic, VIC
Syd Fischer, NSW
Laurie Davidson, NZ
German Frers, Argentina
43th Race — 1987 — 154 starting fleet size
2:21:58:08 ow
2:21:58 lh
Bernard Lewis, NSW
Bernard Lewis, NSW
David Pedrick, USA
David Pedrick, USA
42nd Race — 1986 — 121 starting fleet size
na ow
2:23:26 lh
Ex Tension
Condor II
Tony Dunn, NSW
Bob Bell, Bermuda
Laurie Davidson, NZ
Ron Holland, NZ
41st Race — 1985 — 179 starting fleet size
3:04:34:37 ow
3:04:32 lh
Gary Appleby, NSW
Jack Rooklyn, NSW
Bruce Farr, NZ-USA
B Lexcen (B Miller), NSW
40th Race — 1984 — 151 starting fleet size
3:07:45:03 ow
3:11:21 lh
Indian Pacific
New Zealand
J Eyles/G Heuchmer, NSW
NZ Round the World Cmtee
Bruce Farr, NZ-USA
Ron Holland, NZ
39th Race — 1983 — 173 starting fleet size
2:23:07:42 ow
3:00:50 lh
Lou Abrahams, VIC
Bob Bell, Bermuda
Sparkman & Stephens USA
Ron Holland, NZ
38th Race — 1982 — 118 starting fleet size
2:19:19:16 ow
3:00:59 lh
Condor of Bermuda
Ray Johnston, NSW
Bob Bell, Bermuda
Bruce Farr, NZ-USA
John Sharp, UK
37th Race — 1981 — 159 starting fleet size
3:19:25:59 ow
3:22:30 lh
Zeus II
Jim Dunstan, NSW
Bernard Lewis, NSW
Peter Joubert, VIC
Rolly Tasker, WA
36th Race — 1980 — 102 starting fleet size
2:18:45 ow     2:18:45 lh New Zealand
New Zealand
NZ Round the World Cmte
NZ Round the World Cmte
Bruce Farr, NZ-USA
Bruce Farr, NZ-USA


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