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Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Winners 1960 to 1969

The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in December is an icon of Australia’s summer sport. The course covers a distance of 628 nautical miles from Sydney Harbour to the East coast of Australia, Bass Strait, the Tasmanian east coast, Storm Bay, Derwent River and finally Battery Point in Hobart, Tasmania.

Line Honours goes to the first yacht to cross the finishing line. The Overall Winner is determined by each yacht's finish time adjusted by several factors. As a result, the fastest boat is often not the Overall Winner.

Overall Winner = ow     Line Honour = lh
Time is shown as   DD:HH:MM:SS     Days:Hours:Minutes (and Seconds where available)

25th Race — 1969 — 79 starting fleet size
3:04:25:57 ow
3:15:07 lh
Morning Cloud
Edward Health, UK
Sir Max Aitken, UK
Sparkman & Stephens USA
Alan Gurney, UK
24th Race — 1968 — 67 starting fleet size
3:13:3852 ow
4:30:20 lh
Ondine II
Denis O'Neil, NSW
SA (Huey) Long, USA
Ted Kaufman, NSW
Bill Tripp, USA
23th Race — 1967 — 67 starting fleet size
3:16:39:15 ow
4:04:10 lh
Rainbow II
Pen Duick III
Chris Bouzaid, NZ
Eric Tabarly, France
Sparkman & Stephens USA
Eric Tabarly, France
22nd Race — 1966 — 46 starting fleet size
4:02:46:24 ow
4:08:39 lh
HS Mason, NSW
JV Davern, NZ
W Ward/R Swanson, NSW
Knud Reimers, Germany
21st Race — 1965 — 53 starting fleet size
3:10:03:26 ow
3:20:30 lh
Trygve & Magnus Halvorsen, NSW
C Brynzeel, South Africa
Trygve Halvorsen, NSW
Vanderstadt, Holland
20th Race — 1964 — 38 starting fleet size
3:05:58:14 ow
3:20:05 lh
Trygve & Magnus Halvorsen, NSW
Peter Warner
Trygve Halvorsen, NSW
William Fife, UK
19th Race — 1963 — 44 starting fleet size
3:06:03:17 ow
4:10:53 lh
Trygve & Magnus Halvorsen, NSW
Peter Warner
Trygve Halvorsen, NSW
William Fife, UK
18th Race — 1962 — 42 starting fleet size
2:12:45:14 ow
3:03:46 lh
Vic Myer, NSW
SA (Huey) Long, USA
Alan Payne, NSW
Bill Tripp, USA
17th Race — 1961 — 35 starting fleet size
3:03:57:31 ow
4:04:42 lh
A Burgin & N Rundle, NSW
Peter Warner
Alan Buchanan, England
William Fife, UK
16th Race — 1960 — 32 starting fleet size
3:07:48:04 ow
4:08:11 lh
Kurrewa IV
Graham Newland, NSW
F & J Livingstone, NSW-VIC
Arthur Robb, England
William Fife, UK


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