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Medical Organisations

The Australian medical organisations goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities throughout Australia. The following links are will take you to many of the Australian medical organisations that can assist you with information and support on a variety of health related topics.

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Nursing Services

Organ Donation

  1. Organ Donation

Hearing & Vision

  1. Australian Hearing
  2. Vision Australia


  1. Australian Cancer Society
  2. National Breast Cancer Centre
  3. Prostate Cancer
  4. Cancer Australia
    government website
  5. Cancer Screening
    government website
  6. Cancer Voices SA
  7. Cancer Council of Australia
  8. Cancer Council NSW
  9. Cancer Council SA

Diabetes Associations, Organisations, Research

  1. Diabetes Australia
  2. Diabetes Australia - ACT
  3. Diabetes Australia - NSW
  4. Diabetes Australia - QLD
  5. Diabetes Australia - SA
  6. Diabetes Australia - VIC
  7. Diabetes Centre
  8. Reality Check support
  9. Diabetes Counselling Online
  10. Australian Diabetes Society (ADS)
  11. Australian Centre for Diabetes Strategies
  12. International Diabetes Institute
  13. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  14. Diabetes Research Foundation
  15. Australian Diabetes Educators Assoc (ADEA)


  1. Lab Tests Online Australia
  2. Lifeline's Just Ask
    Rural mental health information service
  3. Lifeline's Just Look
    Where to go for low cost or free health and community services in Australia
  4. National Caucus of Disability Consumer Organisations
  5. Nutrition Australia
  6. Australian Academy of Medicine & Surgery
  7. Australian Healthcare Association
  8. Australian Council on Healthcare Standards
  9. Australian Centre for Effective Healthcare
  10. Australian Council for Safety & Quality in Health Care
  11. Virtual Medical Centre
  12. Medibank Private
  13. My Dr
  14. Health Care of Australia
  15. Centre for Online Health
  16. Med Au Medicine Australia
  17. Medical Journal of Australia (MJA)
  18. Australian Prescriber
  19. NPS MedicineWise


  1. Sids Australia
  2. Children's Health Development Foundation
  3. Kids Helpline
    Free, confidential counselling services for children aged 5 - 18 years old 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through their Australia-wide toll free number
  4. Association for Children with a Disability
  5. Australian Health Promoting Schools Assoc

Mental Health, Depression, Suicide Organizations

  1. Blue Pages Depression Information
  2. Beyond Blue National Depression Initiative
  3. Depression Net
  4. National Association for Loss and Grief(NALAG)
  5. Anxiety Network Australia
  6. Panic Anxiety Disorder Association (PADA)

Asbestos Related

  1. Asbestos - ACT Government
  2. Asbestos - Victorian Government
  3. Wittenoom - WA Government
  4. National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases - WA Institute for Medical Research
  5. Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia
  6. Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia
  7. Asbestos Diseases Society of VIC(ADSVIC)
  8. Asbestos Diseases Society of SA (ADSSA)
  9. Asbestos Victims Association (SA)
  10. QLD Asbestos Related Disease Support Society
  11. Gippsland Asbestos Related Diseases Support Group (GARDS)
  12. Asbestos Info & Support Service (AISS)


  1. National Asthma Council Australia (NACA)
  2. Lymphoedema Assoc of Australia
  3. Asthma Foundations of Australia
  4. Leukaemia Foundation Australia
  5. Autism Council of Australia
  6. Brain Foundation Australia
  7. Alzheimer's Australia
  8. Parkinson's Australia
  9. Arthritis Australia
  10. Thyroid Australia
  11. ParaQuad Victoria
  12. Headache Australia
  13. Osteoporosis Australia
  14. Multiple Sclerosis Australia
  15. Stroke Foundation
  16. Australian Hepatitis Council
  17. Epilepsy Assoc of Australia
  18. Epilepsy Foundation - VIC
  19. Australian Lung Foundation
  20. Heart Foundation of Australia
  21. Australian Kidney Foundation
  22. Motor Neurone Disease Assoc
  23. Australian Rheumatology Assoc
  24. Australian National Council on Aids, Hepatitis C & Related Diseases (ANCAHRD)
  25. Australian Federation of Aids Organization (AFAO)
  26. Muscular Dystrophy Australia (MDA)
  27. Continence Foundation of Australia


We are not responsible for and make no representations concerning the content at any website reached through a link on this page. Furthermore, our links do not indicate, expressly or impliedly, that we endorse anything on the sites. The links are not provided as a medical service or recommendation.

Links open in a new window. When you're done with the other website, close that window. We'll be here waiting so you can continue your visit with us.

The Internet contains as much bad information and advice as there is good. While we've tried to provide you with a good selection of websites to use, please consult with your own doctor or other qualified health-care professional before following anything on the Internet concerning health issues. Better safe than sorry.

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