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Australian School Terms for 2018

Australian Government Schools, Religious Schools & Independent Schools

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The Australian School Terms for 2018 has been compiled from various Australian government websites. You should be aware that these dates are subject to change without notice by the different government departments. As a result, we recommend that you contact individual state and territory departments (links provided below) to check for any changes.

Dates Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
 QLD 22 Jan 29 Mar 16 Apr 29 Jun 16 Jul 21 Sep 08 Oct 14 Dec
 WA 31 Jan 13 Apr 30 Apr 29 Jun 16 Jul 21 Sep 08 Oct 13 Dec
 SA 29 Jan 13 Apr 30 Apr 06 Jul 23 Jul 28 Sep 15 Oct 14 Dec
 TAS 07 Feb 13 Apr 30 Apr 06 Jul 23 Jul 28 Sep 15 Oct 20 Dec
 NSW 30 Jan 13 Apr *
06 Feb 13 Apr **
01 May 06 Jul 24 Jul 28 Sep 15 Oct 19 Dec
 ACT Dates not available yet
 VIC Dates not available yet
 NT Dates not available yet

NSW * ... for NSW Eastern division,   NSW ** ... for NSW Western division
NT * ... for NT urban schools only,   NT ** ... for NT remote schools only

We do our best to keep this page updated, but if a date has changed,
please let us know. Thanks !

More information

  1. ACT Department of Education
  2. NSW Department of Education
  3. Northern Territory Department of Education
  4. Education Queensland
  5. South Australian Department of Education
  6. Tasmanian Department of Education
  7. Victorian Department of Education
  8. Education Department of Western Australia

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