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Macka wrote me "you said there are 2 towns called Balaclava – 1 in VIC and 1 in NSW. You forgot South Australia."

I did some checking and I think you're talking about Balaklava, South Australia.

I believe the name was originally spelled Balaclava. Sorry, I can't tell you why or when the name was changed. So if you're looking for this South Australian town (pop 1827), use Balaklava, not Balaclava.

What's in a name?
A balaclava is what we call a tight woollen knitted covering for the entire head and neck with holes left for the eyes and mouth. Most often associated with robbers used to hide their identity. (Ski mask in the USA).

The name balaclava comes from the town of Balaklava in Crimea, Ukraine. The knitted balaclavas were used during the Crimean War by the British troops to help protect them from the extreme cold. As a result, they later became associated with the name balaclava.

Come see our Flashback Blog!

Max and I are happy to announce the official opening of our Flashback Blog.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the fun

Flashback Blog has an Australian Birthday of the Day, interesting places to visit in Australia, and Today in Australian History.

There's also Max's Best Videos and Jokes to enjoy.

We hope you will come to Flashback and learn more about Australia and have a bit of fun too.


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Two Towns Flooded by the Government

Australian History
One of the earliest settlements in Australia's Snowy Mountains and a nearly town were flooded in the 1960's and the towns relocated.
Learn why in the full article

Beaumont Children go missing.

Australian History
Their case resulted in one of the largest police investigations in Australian criminal history and remains Australia's most infamous cold case.

The Beaumont case was instrumental in changing the Australian attitude towards child safety. Parents no longer can assume that their children are safe in the same way as earlier generations did.
Learn why in the full article

Survey update

I often get suggestions for improvements and additions to our website. It keeps me pretty busy trying to implement what I can.

For example Sue wrote me a while ago, "I'm often on your website and enjoy very much my stay here and the improvements you make from time to time :-) As am Aussie and living in Adelaide I would wish your Survey would asked also 'are you living here' as I don't like to be seen as visitor :( Keep up your good work and all the best .... and when I can spare some cent of my pension I'll send you a small amount :-)"
(Thanks! Sue ..ed.)

On my very, very long To Do List, I finally worked my way down to Sue's request and updated our Survey. I hope you will take our Survey when you get a chance. It helps Max and I know what you like, why you visit our site and how we can improve it.


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