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Honouring Mums Who Have Died

Trees for Mum program is a wonderful way to create a growing legacy for our mothers who have died and those that are still with us. Trees for Mum encourages people to plant a commemorative native tree in their mum's honour.

For many, planting a living tribute can help heal the pain.  It's can create a positive memory surrounded by others who are honouring their mum's life this way.

In their first year Trees for Mum attracted over 150 people who planted a tree at Manly Lagoon Park in Sydney. Since then the program has expanded around Australia. Over 20,000 people have participated in the Mother's Day Trees for Mum events over the past several years.

Trees for Mum was started in 2002 by Lauren Adlam and Deena Raphael who had both lost their mums to cancer. We invite you to visit TreesForMum.com to learn more.

The Bible Museum

Ellen R. wrote us about her Bible Museum website. It showcases her museum in St Arnaud, Victoria (250 km northwest of Melbourne).

Ellen has been collecting and studying bibles and religious artefacts for over 30 years. The museum reflects her passion holding over 1,000 bibles plus archaeological artefacts and related items.

The Bible Museum is wheelchair friendly. The admission and guided tour is free.

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Bird Watching & Aboriginal Stories

If you enjoy watching our Aussie feathered friends (and I don't mean at Mardi Gras), Denise Goodfellow's website is worth a look. Aside from the books she's written starting back in 1983, she also has quite a bit of advice on bird tours and native animals.

What I enjoyed the most on her website were her first-hand stories about interacting with Aboriginals and the cultural misunderstandings. I particularly enjoyed The Importance of Nail Polish. It's an insight into a different world well worth exploring.

New Dance Link

James S. from the Sydney Swing Katz told us that they have a new website. Australia has always had a strong tradition of dance starting with Indigenous Aboriginal cultural traditions long before Captain Cook arrived.

We've updated our Australian Dance page and now have over 90 Australian dance websites listed from the classical to the contemporary.

New Radio Link

Carmel wrote us TodaysCountry94one 94.1FM has a new website. So I have updated our NSW Radio Stations page. Although the station is in Gosford NSW, you can listen live on the Internet.

The Central Coast all country music radio station is currently sponsoring a scholarship to enable a performer to free entry into the Australian Academy of Country Music in Tamworth worth $3,000.


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