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Slim Dusty Record Albums

With over 5 million recordings sold in Australia,
Slim Dusty was the biggest selling Australian recording artist.

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Dusty Tracks


  • Leaning Post
  • Arajoel Waltz
  • Sweet Talking Girl
  • Don't Laugh in the Face of Father Time
  • When the Moon Across the Bushland Beams
  • I Don't Want No Woman Round
  • Wagon Trains North
  • Wedding Bell Blues
  • A Friend Indeed
  • The Happiest Days of All
  • Slow Down
  • The Boys Who Never Returned

Walk a Country Mile


  • Walk a Country Mile
  • Son of Noisy Dan
  • When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  • Johnny Foster (The Old Time Travelling Showman)
  • Music My Dad Played to Me
  • Old Stock Ridin' Days
  • D Towards the Head
  • The Day I Went Back Home
  • Send 'Er Down Hughie!
  • Pub with No Beer
  • Many Yesterdays Ago
  • Old Bush Mates of Mine
  • Territory Ringer
  • In My Hour of Darkness

Travellin' Country Man


  • Travellin' Country Band
  • God's Own Singer of Songs
  • Althea
  • Sadness and I Wander Home
  • Spanish Pipe Dream
  • If Those Lips Could Only Speak
  • The Rose in Her Hair
  • Streets of Sydney
  • Jesus Take a Hold
  • Big Time (Just Because You're in Deep Elem)
  • Foolin' Around
  • I Broke a Promise
  • I Heard the Bluebird Sing
  • Life Is Like a River

Slim Dusty - On the Move

Slim Dusty - Dusty Tracks
Slim Dusty - Give Me the Road
Slim Dusty - Walk a Country Mile
Slim Dusty - Glory Bound Train
Slim Dusty - Trucks on the Tracks
Slim Dusty - Travellin' Country Man

Give Me the Road


  • Give Me the Road
  • The Angel of Goulburn Hill
  • You Take Her From Narrandera
  • The Boss Man
  • We've Been Trucking Too
  • Danger Road Train
  • Highway One
  • Roaring Through the Night
  • Kelly's Offsider
  • Just Can't Miss It Mate
  • The Great Australian Whinger
  • Road Train Blues

Glory Bound Train


  • Glory Bound Train
  • Ten Golden Rules
  • Bye and Bye
  • Calvary Hill
  • Wingin' My Way Back Home
  • That's the Kind of Religion for Me
  • Precious Lord
  • What the Man Said
  • Joybells in Your Heart
  • It's Worth It
  • The Softest Touch in Town
  • Heaven Country Style

Trucks on the Tracks


  • Three Hundred Horses
  • Long Black Road
  • I'm Married to My Bulldog Mack
  • Trucks on the Track
  • From Here to There and Back
  • Dribbler Bill
  • Dieseline Dreams
  • Fill 'Er Up
  • Home Cookin'
  • Trucks, Tarps and Trailers
  • Dogs, Dust and Diesel
  • That's Not Me

On the Move


  • On the Move
  • My Time
  • Indian Pacific
  • Finally Made It Home
  • You Know What I Mean
  • Anyday Woman
  • Isa
  • The Front Row
  • Billy Mac
  • Highway Blues
  • Joe (Don't Let Your Music Kill You)
  • What Am I Doing in This Town?
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