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Slim Dusty Record Albums

With over 5 million recordings sold in Australia,
Slim Dusty was the biggest selling Australian recording artist.

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Just Slim With Old Friends


  • About This Hat
  • I'll Meet Him Tomorrow
  • That Old Blue Dog of Mine
  • The Round Table
  • Gates
  • Old Gilbert
  • Bush Poets of Australia
  • Stock Horses
  • Joe Palmer's Ghost
  • The Drover's Yarn
  • Lawson's Ghost
  • Catching Yellowbelly (in the Old Barcoo)

To Whom It May Concern


  • To Whom It May Concern
  • Beat of the Government Stroke
  • Old Bush Barbecue
  • A Letter From Arrabury
  • 5 a.m. Blues
  • And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
  • Highway Fever
  • Marty
  • 42 Tyres
  • Some Things a Man Can't Fight
  • Ironbark Jim
  • Man in the Glass
Slim Dusty - Just Slim With Old Friends
Slim Dusty - The Nature of Man
Slim Dusty - To Whom It May Concern

The Nature of Man


  • High Wide and Handsome
  • When You're Short of a Smoke
  • Keep the Love Light Shining
  • How Will I Go with Him Mate
  • Love's Game of Let's Pretend
  • To a Mate
  • I Love You Best of All
  • When You're Short of a Quid
  • Old Love Letters
  • The Nature of Man
  • Our Wedding Waltz
  • I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke

People and Places


  • Song of the Macleay
  • Down at Charley Gray's
  • Keela Valley
  • The Old Woolshed Do
  • Middleton's Rouseabout
  • Game as Ned Kelly
  • The Land of Lots of Time
  • Old Bushmates of Mine
  • Mad Jack's Cockatoo
  • Sweeney
  • Cosy Inn
  • Charley Gray's Barn Dance
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