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14 January - Len Siffleet, caught and beheaded.

Who is having a birthday in January?
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14 January - Len Siffleet, caught and beheaded.

Unread postby Max ADU » Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:07 pm

Australian Birthday Today - Leonard George (Len) Siffleet born 14 January 1916, Gunnedah, New South Wales – died 24 October 1943, Aitape Papua New Guinea, was an Australian commando of World War II.


Siffleet made his way to Sydney in the late 1930s, seeking to join the police force, but was prevented from doing so because of his eyesight.

Len accepted by the Second Australian Imperial Force in 1941, and by 1943 had reached the rank of sergeant and allotted to a signals company based at Ingleburn, New South Wales,

Len was posted to M Special Unit of the Services Reconnaissance Department and after training in radio communications at Melbourne Technical College, Siffleet volunteered for special operations in September 1942 and was posted to the Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD) of the Allied Intelligence Bureau in Melbourne

Joining the M Special Unit to take part in a mission to set up a coastwatching station in the hills behind Hollandia in Papua New Guinea.

On a mission in Papua New Guinea, he and two Ambonese companions were captured mbushed by a hundred native villagers near Aitape and handed over to the Japanese.

All three men were Interrogated and tortured. Bound and blindfolded, surrounded by Japanese and native onlookers, they were forced to the ground and executed by beheading

The photograph of Siffleet's execution was discovered on the body of a dead Japanese major near Hollandia by American troops in April 1944. It is believed to be the only surviving depiction of a western prisoner of war being executed by a Japanese soldier.

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